Hammer of the Month Winner | October


For last month’s Hammer of the Month Contest, we asked all of you to take a picture of pre-launch MW3 signage/advertisement.  How does MW3 look at your local electronic store?  It could’ve be anywhere from billboards, posters, to bus signage... whatever best showcased Call of Duty!

We had a lot of entries this month but somehow we couldn’t get over this incredible Call of Duty display at Walmart. Thanks to Sledgehammer Fan, Casey, for sending these in:

So with that said, congratulations Casey!  You are our 2011 October Hammer of the Month!

Looks like you'll be receiving our famous Tool Box of Chaos! What's in your tool box you ask? How about a sneak peek:


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Written by Guy Beahm

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Halloween 2011 at Sledgehammer Games



Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween from Sledgehammer Games!

Hope you enjoy some of our costumes from this year's Halloween party here at the studio:


Written by Guy Beahm

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MW3 World Tour | Stockholm and London



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Day 23:  We were met in Stockholm by a nice fella named Marcus who would be our driver the next few days. We had a big black Suburban for us which we needed because we had a lot of driving and about 6 people.

The hotel was nice and it had a good gym thankfully. By now I must have put on another 10 freaking pounds.

Set up was in another location but not really far away. It was right in the middle of a huge shopping district.  Set up took a day or so as usual. Shannon led that again but the Swedish team had it well in hand.

Day 25:  On the first day, we introduced the levels and then we got into the 1 on 1 press interviews. This was an all day function. Some of the press hung around for a nice happy hour (or two!). Good food and drinks were served in a very informal environment so we could talk and mingle, which we did. We then grabbed some folks and went to the roof and smoked some Cuban cigars to celebrate another good day. Bowling then got everyone going with a pushup contest. He beat everyone with 50. I saw that and did 60!

Day 26:  The next day consisted of some traveling to do a TV spot.  From there we headed to a major newspaper where we did a live chat.  It was a very good interview.  Another busy day but I'd rather be busy than sitting around.

I didn't have that much time to see the city but I did snap just enough photos to do a pen and ink. I also got another haircut which wasn't the same as the one in Italy but it was still quite effective.

Day 27:  The next day I was up to catch another flight, this time to London.  Deep into our fourth week on the road, this would be our last stop before we head home. 

Once we landed it was a long cab ride to the hotel. The hotel was quite nice and it was in a great location- the heart of Piccadilly Circus.  The venue was also in the hotel so that was quite convenient.  

I checked out the venue for sound, lifting and picture. There were two large rooms:  One for campaign and interviews, the other for Spec Ops and food.

Day 28:   I woke up the next day, hit the gym and then was off to the demos and interviews.  Since Robert couldn't make the trip here, I was stacked wall to wall with interviews. It never let up but it was excellent; good questions that really were fun to reflect on and answer. This went on for about six or seven hours.  I should mention that they were constantly bringing in great food. I think I gained about 5 pounds or as much as one of Condrey's legs.

In the evening they had some Spec Ops Tournaments with prizes such as a PS3 and headphones. It was a really great time. I met a bunch of community members, fans and press. It was a very appropriate way to end my World Tour interviews. We had a celebratory cigar and headed back to pack for the flight home!

Written by Glen Schofield

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2011 Extra Life Charity Event Recap


The industry rallied together this past weekend to raise more than $1,100,000 for the Children's Miracle Network and Extra-Life.   Activision, and its independent studios like Raven, Treyarch, and of course, Sledgehammer Games, all took part in raising funds for this cause.  With a ton of support from our staff, friends, and fans, we hit nearly 120% of our $5000 studio fundraising goal!



"Sledgehammer Games is built on a singular value; achieve excellence", says Co-Founder Michael Condrey.  "That includes everything from the software we make, to the developers we hire, and to the way we give back to our community.  The Children's Miracle Network touches the lives of millions of sick kids each year.  I'm proud of the studio developers who showed their commitment by supporting those in need through this worthy event.  We thank all of our sponsors who generously donated to the Sledgehammer Games team fundraising effort."

Written by Guy Beahm

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Hammer of the Month | October Edition


Welcome to Hammer of the Month, October 2011 Edition!

In last month’s Hammer of the Month Contest, we asked you guys to submit your badge collection from Call of Duty XP. 

A lot of entries came in and the end result was a fantastic showing from Call of Duty community member Ryan Banks(aka Prestige Key). 

We just finished packing his prize, the Tool Box of Chaos, and we know he’ll like what’s inside.


Now for October’s Contest:

MW3 launches globally on November 8, 2011!.  Have you recently walked into your local retailer to pre-order?  The MW3 presence is massive.  Here’s Glen in front of an awesome display showcasing the new MW3 Turtle Beach headsets:

For this month, we want you to take a picture in front of MW3 signage/advertising.  How does MW3 look at your local video game store?  It could be anywhere from billboards, posters, to bus signage... whatever best showcases MW3 and you!

 Let’s find out, don’t be shy! Judging will be based off of creativity.

 Submit your photo to contest@sledgehammergames.com

 Deadline for submission is October 31st, 2011.

Written by Guy Beahm

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