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Glen Schofield's Trip to India for NGDC 2012


From the left: Dib, Manvendra, Mike Wallen and Glen Schofield.

Railways in Dehli.

One of the many Monuments of National Importance in Dehli.

Tree shrine in Dehli.

Fruit cart on the side of the road in Pune.

Decorated trucks on the highway between Pune and Mumbai.

Alleyway in Mumbai.

Sagar Gyan College of Engineering in Madhya Pradesh.

Riding an elephant down a highway on the way to Mumbai from Pune.  

Kanheri Caves in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Dehli. 

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MW3 World Tour | Intro


The Official MW3 World Tour:

From Sept 9th until at least October 8th (could be longer) I will be visiting between 7 and 10 cities throughout Europe and Japan. I'm working with the Activision PR teams from those countries as well as some colleagues from the US and at some point in Europe I hook up with Robert Bowling for some larger venues. 

Developers do these tours in order to show our support for the fans all over the world. We also want to talk to the press who may not always be able to fly to the big shows and get hands on with the game or talk directly to a developer. There are also a lot of country game shows or Gamefests going on now and we'll try and see as many as possible.

It's nice to go on these trips but they certainly aren't vacations. You're constantly flying, driving, interviewing, demoing, going thru customs, living out of a suitcase and away from your family. On the other hand I love meeting the press and fans from all over the world and making new friends. And it's really cool to see what other countries are doing to promote the game. Developers can also give the press a more intimate view of what it was like creating the game. Not just "how many levels" but "how'd you come up with the level".  There will be stage shows, interviews, TV, tradeshows, meetings, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Over the course of the next month my travels take me to Japan (TGS), Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Berlin and Stockholm and probably a couple others may be thrown in. It's a whirlwind tour for MW3 and should be really exciting and interesting. Come back often for updates and follow me on Twitter for a daily picture and brief update of the tour! 

- Glen Schofield

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Call of Duty XP 2011 Recap


Call of Duty XP was an absolutely incredible event.  The Sledgehammer crew was representing in full force once again rocking our MW3 shirts.  We’ve captured plenty of pictures to share here so we hope you enjoy!  You can also check out more photos from the event on our Facebook page.  In addition to photos, we’ve decided to share some of our experiences first hand with an official Sledgehammer Games Call of Duty XP recap video featuring Co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey.  Watch it here:

“When we first drove up to the venue, I was instantly blown away.” says Community Manager Guy Beahm. “Everything we’ve been talking about and envisioning was finally here, alive. The Scrapyard recreation was insane, Burgertown was thriving, the Jeep experience was a hit, and the fans were rocketing across the air on the zip line. Crazy”

Guy continues, “While all of that was taking place outside, inside was the real star… MW3.  Being hosted in two HUGE hangars, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer and Spec Ops were being showcased everywhere.  The One Million Dollar Tournament fueled the intensity of the multiplayer experience, attracting some of the best players and teams in the world.  Outside of the game there were various events including panels, Pros vs. Joes competitions, Juggernaut Sumo Wrestling and concerts from Kanye West and Dropkick Murphys." 

"The event was particularly special for the development team at Sledgehammer Games.  We have poured a ton of passion, energy, and sweat into the development of MW3, with one singular goal:  to help make this the biggest and best Call of Duty game to date. For us to be there, with the fans, was incredible. Whether you watched the live stream or experienced it first hand, I think everyone walked away pretty amazed!  If it weren’t for the fans, an event of this magnitude would never exist, so thank you!”

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Question of the Week | Gamescom


“Hi Sledgehammer Games.  Us folks here from Germany want to know if you guys are coming to Gamescom? WE WANT MW3!”

Timm N.

Dortmund, Germany


Hi Timm,

Sledgehammer Games will be at GamesCom 2011.  Glen Schofield, Guy Beahm, and I will be there soon.  Looking forward to enjoying a great show, and some good German beer.  Perhaps not in that order ;)

Guy will be doing blog updates from the floor via sledgehammergames.com .  For gamers wanting an inside look at the largest interactive games and entertainment show in Europe from a Sledgehammer Games development perspective, check back daily starting Monday.

You can also follow us on Twitter to stay updated on the show:

Glen Schofield - http://twitter.com/glenschofield


Michael Condrey - http://twitter.com/michaelcondrey


See you next week, Timm!


- Michael 

Written by Michael Condrey

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