New Modes & Match Customization Behind the Scenes Video


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Halloween 2011 at Sledgehammer Games



Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween from Sledgehammer Games!

Hope you enjoy some of our costumes from this year's Halloween party here at the studio:


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Mountain Dew Game Fuel: Raid


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Question of the Week | 10-28-2011


Follow Michael Condrey on Twitter:

This week, Michael answers two of your questions:


"So I get a Prestige token for every prestige in all of the previous Call of Duty games?"

Devin - North Carolina

No, not quite. You get one token for every game you've prestiged in. So let's say you prestiged in MW2 and Black Ops, you get 2 tokens for MW3. However, you only get two tokens for those games. It doesn't matter if you prestiged multiple times. 10 Prestiges in MW2 is still only one token, for example.


"You and Glen pick on each other a lot.  What gives?"

Chelsea - Eugene, Oregon

We hammer (bad pun, I know) each other pretty hard. Its always in a joking manner though. Making games is difficult. Making great games is extraordinarily hard. The demands on the game team, and running the studio, are extremely challenging. It takes two of us, working extremely hard to make it happen. I appreciate our partnership an incredible amount. Although I will never admit it in public.

Written by Michael Condrey

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MW3 Weapons Progression explained


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