SHG Charity of the Month: Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA Mutt Strut


For our August charity last month, a group of Hammers donated their time to the annual Mutt Strut to raise awareness of the animals at the Peninsula Humane Association and SPCA. The money donated from the studio went directly to benefit the Hope Program which saves approximately 200 animals a month. In addition to money and time, the Sledgehammer Games studio team donated blankets, towels, and toys to animals waiting for permanent homes. The event ended the month long fundraising initiative for Bay Area animals in need, and was capped off by a celebration at Coyote Point Park that included entertainment, demonstrations, and a costume contest for shelter pets. 

Check below for some photos from the event, be sure to check out upcoming Carnival and Cocktail Party at the SPCA in San Francisco, and click here if you’d like more information about how to donate directly to the SPCA.



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Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey Added to the Critical Path Project Interview Archive


Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey were recently added to the Critical Path Project Interview Archives. For those not familiar with Critical Path, it's a treasure trove of shared knowledge from all the top game developers in the video game industry. We encourage you guys to check out Glen and Michael's segments, as well as click around on the page to discover more about the philosophy behind game-making.

Play Glen

Play Michael

Click here for more videos from the Critical Path Project Interview Archive.

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Leroy Sutton Visits Sledgehammer Games


It was our honor to recently invite Leroy Sutton to Sledgehammer Games. Sutton, a game design student and huge Call of Duty fan, came a long way to be with us – not just in distance traveled, but by sheer determination not to give up. His story was recently featured on ESPN, and we found it truly inspiring how he overcame the odds to pursue his passion. Leroy is set to graduate with a degree in video game design later this month, and we thought it would be a great opportunity for him to meet with the team to discuss breaking into game development. The overall experience was extremely memorable for all the Hammers involved, and the one-on-one time with some of the top devs in the industry in Leroy’s words, “was better than all of E3.”

Happy to know you, Leroy. Keep up the good work!

- Sledgehammer Games

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Sledgehammer Games Celebrates Its Fourth Birthday


Four years ago, Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey set out to build a world-class Bay Area development studio with a singular goal: Achieve Excellence. If you fast forward to today, they sit with an assembly of 150 premier developers, look out at a studio that’s doubled in size since 2009, have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 under their belts, and both consider this just the start of something bigger. Glen and Michael kicked our anniversary festivities off by honoring the team's past accomplishments and toasting to the future of the studio and our next project. Then the party opened up to food, drinks, and a mixology course that ultimately turned into an Iron Chef style cocktail crafting contest. An epic evening to remember. Thanks to all the devs, family members, friends, and fans that have been a part of this amazing journey!

Check out the images below, and be sure to check out our Facebook gallery for more pictures from the event.

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E3 2013 is a Wrap!


E3 2013 Objectives complete! This year was such an incredible time for new software and hardware! We believe that the week after E3 should be about catching up on some much-needed rest, and thanking those responsible for making the event such a great time. To everyone that we met last week, thanks for telling your stories, demoing your games, and a special thanks for making this year’s E3 visit memorable for everyone that attended from the Sledgehammer Games Studio team.

Please enjoy the photos below from our experience at E3 2013! 

Hammers posing in front of the Activision Booth main stage.

Glen Schofield and team that came down to check out games. 

Game face.

Happy faces.

Blue steel. 

Activision booth.


Bungie's Destiny theater. Space Magic!

E3 isn't all fun and games. Hammers taking notes on the competition.

Where did Antonio Banderas come from?

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