Game development is hard work, and a tons of fun. We can’t say anything about "our next big thing" just yet, but we are dying to share it with you. In the meantime, check out some of these pictures of how people decorate their desks here at the studio, our Halloween Costume Contest, and Thanksgiving. Be sure to hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think. 

“What’s on your desk” via our Character Technical Director.

“What’s on your desk?” via our Development Manager.

Halloween Costume Contest - Round 1.

Halloween Costume Contest - Round 2.

Glen Schofield's new office chair from the original Yankees Stadium.

“What’s on your desk?” via our Animation Director. Vintage Etch-a-sketch Animator.

“What’s on your desk?” Via our Sr. Development Director. Who wants some cupcakes?

“What’s on your desk?” featuring one of our animator’s toy collection.

"What's on your desk?" Featuring our Senior Animator's Atari 2600. Hello, old friend.

Thanksgiving Tradition at Sledgehammer Games. It’s tryptophan time!

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Glen Schofield's Trip to India for NGDC 2012


From the left: Dib, Manvendra, Mike Wallen and Glen Schofield.

Railways in Dehli.

One of the many Monuments of National Importance in Dehli.

Tree shrine in Dehli.

Fruit cart on the side of the road in Pune.

Decorated trucks on the highway between Pune and Mumbai.

Alleyway in Mumbai.

Sagar Gyan College of Engineering in Madhya Pradesh.

Riding an elephant down a highway on the way to Mumbai from Pune.  

Kanheri Caves in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Dehli. 

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Sledgehammer Games and Extra-Life 2012!


What a great year for Extra-Life and Sledgehammer Games!  For the second year in a row, the studio participated in this incredible industry event and we're proud to have exceeded our $10,000 goal for Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland, a Children’s Miracle Network hospital. From putting our word out on our Twitter and Facebook, to going grass roots and calling family members to make an hourly pledge to our gaming marathon, everyone at the studio made an excellent effort. A big hats off to the team who played 24-hours straight to meet our goals. Our studio was founded on a singular goal, “Achieve Excellence” and that definitely extends outwards to lend a helpful hand to people that need it. Special thanks to everyone that participated, our community for pitching in on our social channels, and the organizers at Extra-Life for the tremendous job that they do. 

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Awarded Game Design of the Year by The Korea Games Conference


The Korea Games Conference winners were selected today, and we're proud to announce that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was awarded the top honor for Game Design of the Year. We're extremely happy that Michael Condrey and Joe Salud were in attendance at the show, and were able to accept the award on behalf of everyone at Sledgehammer Games. We'd like to thank all the developers that worked on the game, and the support we constantly receive from fans and communities across the world. From everyone at the studio, thanks to the officials at Korea Games Conference for this honor.

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Sledgehammer Games Softball Season Wrap-Up


The Sledgehammer Games Softball Team.

Our lunchtime softball season has officially ended, and we’re excited to say that even though we didn’t take the championship we had a great time out there this year. With a record of 11 wins and only 3 losses, momentum wasn’t an issue for Team Sledgehammer, but occasional loose bats flying at the dugout were. Don’t worry – we won’t mention you by name, Larry! When the playoffs came along, we faced Crystal Dynamics, who took some time off from developing Tomb Raider to win by two runs in the semi-final. We didn’t walk away empty-handed though, we’re able to claim the most runs of the season, and the fewest runs allowed. Not too shabby. With the winter league coming up, we’re excited to get back into the game and we’re going to give it our all. 


Check out some of the images from our summer season below! 

Let's do this.

The fans!

The lineup.

The pitch.

The hit!

If you'd like to join Team Sledgehammer, check out our Linkedin page for open positions in the Bay Area.  

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